6th Annual Pamper the Pink to be held Sept. 11, 2014 at Red Mt. Resort Canyon Room

Thursday, September 8, 2016

8th Annual Pamper the Pink will be held Sept. 21, 2016 at Red Mountain Resort

To find out more about pamper the pink or view a list of services click on: http://www.pamperthepink.blogspot.com/ pampering women who are experiencing the journey of breast and other cancer.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lorena Staples, Founder of A Passion for Pink, Pamper the Pink and owner of "Wake Up Beautiful" Permanent Cosmetics

Lorena Staples is the Founder of  Pamper the Pink, and owner of Wake Up Beautiful. She has been drawn with a PASSION to celebrate life; particularly the lives of the women who have or are being challenged by breast or other cancer. For 17 years Lorena enjoyed a career working with disadvantaged and at risk teens. In 1996 she Founded Country Cottage Inc. a Not for Profit 501(c)(3). She worked with and had served several hundred youth upon retiring in 2006. Today the charity still serves and blesses the lives of many teens. She leads a purpose driven life. She now finds joy as a certified permanent cosmetic technician and nationally certified clinical medical assistant, as well as holding B.S. in Family Life, Marketing and a Secondary Ed degree. She loves to help build women’s self worth. The mission of “Wake Up Beautiful” is to assist women in feeling beautiful the moment they wake up. She holds the belief that what you give out to the Universe comes back ten fold. She feels so blessed in her own life that giving is not optional it is a necessity. Donating areola restoration to women who have survived breast cancer has created a Passion for Pink in her heart and soul. Lorena partnered in 2011 with Darci Hansen, Founder and Editor in Chief of formerly Elan Woman Magazine now Etched Magazine, in the Pamper the Pink charity event.  In addition Tracey Welch, general manager at Red Mountain Resort has agreed to partner as of 2013, which will make the event even more complete for the women as Tracey has held her own events for women with cancer annually and we are merging the two events.  Laura owner of Forevermore Events always makes the event visually magical for the women. Together we foresee pampering many more of the pink women for years to come.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vera's Journey after Chemotherapy

After completing my chemo and having a mastectomy to remove my left breast in Dec. of 2006; I looked on the internet to research reconstructive surgery and the pictures scared me. I decided against it, until one day I ran into a friend who had recovered from a tram flap surgery. She showed me her results, and I decided if I could look half as good as my friend, I was going to do it. In Jan. of 2007 I had an 8 hour surgery in which a portion of fat, blood vessels and skin were removed from my stomach to create a breast, it was a 5 day hospital recovery. I don't remember much, but I do remember looking down to see my new breast, it had stretch marks all over it, (from my stomach graft) a reminder of 5 pregnancies. I was just grateful to have a breast back, but NO more surgeries to create a nipple from another skin graft, I was done! I had been through enough... I just wore shirts when being intimate with my husband. My husband had his wife with two breast, that was enough, or so I thought. Then in April of 2008 I met Lorena Staples, who who was training in 3D areola restoration, I asked her how much she charged, she told me it was free, tears formed in my eyes, it was as though an angel was telling me I could be whole again. In Nov. of 2008 Donna & Lorena Staples created a 3D areola to match my existing one. It wasn't painful; the process was quite amazing, they even added color to my existing areola because it was so light and translucent. I didn't realize the full impact of the procedure for a few weeks; until one day when I looked in the mirror and saw two nipples looking right back at me, words can't express the joy. I actually felt whole again, I could please my husband (no more wearing tops while being intimate for this girl anymore). I had to take a really long hard look at myself to remember my journey with cancer. Permanent make up on my eyebrows gave me HOPE to survive treatment, and the 3D areola restoration was the final touch in restoring my life. I 'M ALIVE and grateful to be ALIVE!!!

Jill's Words of Inspiration

I have been more emotional since my last PET scan than I have been throughout the last 8 months of knowing I have cancer. Now I cannot think the words or say the words without choking up - "I am a SURVIVOR" I can not look at myself, my body, my hair, my breasts, without having a huge lump in my throat - "I am a SURVIVOR! I am going to LIVE." I haven't been afraid of dying, but I am grateful that I will live.
I am amazed at what the body can take and still fight to get itself back to normal. How thankful I am that my body was in good health and that it has been able to handle the 5 surgeries, 6 chemos, and 25 radiation treatments. I firmly believe that our bodies are a gift from God and that we should take care of them with honor.
God cannot remove every burden from us. He does show his love to us in every possible way. He is there when we are frightened, when we hurt, when we feel we just cannot carry on any more. He strengthens us and He sends angels to us with words of love, encouragement, prayers and support. My faith is strengthened, my love is deeper and I will never be the same again. I have more empathy, understanding, love for those around me, more patience. I will cherish each day that I have.
I am a survivor. I know that deep within myself I have the ability to be strong, to overcome. I know that I have the ability to face each new challenge that comes my way. I know that God loves me and that He blessses me each day. My family is amazing. Their support, prayers and love are my strength and they are the reason I fight.
Jill understands that although each journey with breast cancer is individual, that you women share a unique bond that no one else can begin to understand unless you have walked that path. She is willing to be a support to those who would like a listening ear, words of encouragement or just to connect. You may contact her by email djbeardall@msn.com .